Name My Character


It started by me asking a friend or two. Then I decided to put it out to Facebook. Since the Facebook peeps seemed to like it, I sent it out to Twitter and Instagram. I figured why should they get all the love? So I’m adding this blog to the mix.

Help me name my character. This only counts if you haven’t voted on the other sites. Please use the comments below to help me choose between STELLA and HARPER.

She’s a wallflower. She’s afraid of change and risk taking. She’s very observant and able to read others well. Her parents died in an accident, and she lives with her grandparents as a result.

Well, what’s your vote? Stella or Harper? I’ll reveal the official name next week once I tally up all the social media sites. (Yeah, I didn’t plan that very well. It just kinda happened.)


About jvdlandersen

I'm a young adult author. But more importantly, I'm a Christian, a wife, and a mom. Sometimes I'll write about writing and my journey through publishing. Other times, I'll write for my kids and myself. You can read it too if you want. To find out more about my books, check out To find out more about me, follow this blog. :)

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