Got Something to Say?


With the help of Mr. Agent Man, I’ve convinced my dad to start a blog. He thinks he has nothing of value to say. “It’s like literary refrigerator drawings. You know, you hang them on your fridge and only mom or grandma and grandpa think they’re great,” he said. “Besides, there’s a difference between having to say something and having something to say.”

What he doesn’t realize is that over the last two years as he has forced himself to look at the positive things in his life, he’s influenced a lot of people.

“Dad,” I said. “You don’t seem to realize that in this world of cynicism, people appreciate someone who can look at the blessings. You’ve already touched many people through your Facebook posts. Why not a few more?”031-edit

“So, what’s the purpose of having a blog then if I already have the Facebook stuff?” he asked.

“To reach a whole new audience who can be blessed by your words.”


Now, I have to prove him right! I need your help. Hop on over to and give him a follow or comment. He’ll blame me, but it’ll be totally worth it.



About jvdlandersen

I'm a young adult author. But more importantly, I'm a Christian, a wife, and a mom. Sometimes I'll write about writing and my journey through publishing. Other times, I'll write for my kids and myself. You can read it too if you want. To find out more about my books, check out To find out more about me, follow this blog. :)

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