Monthly Archives: July 2014

I Don’t Wanna!


I don’t wanna! I REALLY don’t. I mean, more than anything, I’d love to give up this job. Wanna know what it is? …Writing this next book.

I know; it’s weird. I should want to write it, right? I have an idea. Things are starting to stir in my head, but I. REALLY. DON’T. WANNA.

That’s exactly how I know I need to write it.

With each of my books, I feel a story stirring. Then I pray about it. Some of you may think that strange, but for a woman of faith, it’s a natural response to ask the one I spend my life following what I should do next. This time God gave me a story I really don’t want to write.

I’ve been there before with my first published book. It had an abortion theme running through it. When God told me to write that one, I said no at first. We all see how that turned out. It’s now published by Astraea Press. So when I think about it, I’m not really sure how I got the idea that I could actually say no to this new topic.

Apparently, God wants me to write about controversial subjects. I have no idea why. I’m not qualified. I have opinions, yes. Strong ones at that, but I don’t know these topics intimately. For some reason God won’t let me get away with writing nice fluffy stories about teen romance or something. Nope. He gives me the hard stuff. So this is my public declaration that I will be obedient…but I won’t like it.

I just hope you’ll all have my back when the sparks start to fly in my direction!