It all started when I wanted to get into my old blog. My son had somehow changed the primary email to his school email address and apparently, despite several emails to the customer service department, it cannot be changed. So, here I am…forced to save all my old blog posts by hand and start up a new blog. Not something I planned to do.


So basically, this post is a test to see if everything works the way I think it does. Once I have confidence that I’m in control, I’ll write something more profound.


About jvdlandersen

I'm a young adult author. But more importantly, I'm a Christian, a wife, and a mom. Sometimes I'll write about writing and my journey through publishing. Other times, I'll write for my kids and myself. You can read it too if you want. To find out more about my books, check out To find out more about me, follow this blog. :)

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